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Flight Training Resources

Ground Schools
If you're looking for a Private or Instrument Ground school, email us or call to inquire about our next scheduled ground school. 

Accident Prevention Brochures
These brochures from the FAA's Accident Prevention Program are probably some of the best documents written on landings.
On Landings, Part I

On Landings, Part II
On Landings, Part III
You'll find a complete listing of Accident Prevention Brochures on our Safety page

Other Student Training Resources
Teen Resources
Young Eagles - Free first flight for teenagers
Aviation Explorer Post - scouting for young adults 15-20 years old

Online Bulletin Boards - Post your training questions
Student Pilot Network - Click on "Forums" - Click on "Message Board"
AOPA (members only) - Click on "WebBoard Conference"

AOPA - Aircraft Owner Pilots Association
Project Pilot - Find a mentor and get free goodies
Flight Training Magazine

Flight Planning & Weather 
Enflight - Free flight planning site
Duat - Free weather and flight planning

FAA Sites 
NORCAL Approach - N. California Approach Control Services - List of Safety Seminars in your area

Training Materials
Just Plane Videos - Rent flying videos
VOR/NDB Simulator - online application
E6B Calculator - online emulator

Aviation News & Information
AvWeb - Biweekly emailed news and excellent articles
InFlightUSA - online version of monthly newspaper - News and aviation related databases

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