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Reid-Hillview Airport, San Jose, CA Information

Reid-Hillview tower efficiently manages traffic from two runways

RHV Tower Radar

RHV Controller John shows tower's radar display

Closer view of the RHV radar screen with annotations added.

Click here for larger picture of radar display. Airplanes are marked in green, and their altitude displayed in hundreds of feet.



Listen to the Tower at RHV! 
If you'd like to listen to the tower at RHV, go to our ATC tower audio page.

Flight Instruction at RHV
If you're looking for quality flight instruction at Reid-Hillview airport, fly with a Master CFI!  Email us now or call 650-224-7124.

Noise Abatement
Please fly Noise Abatement Procedures. Be aware that some local residents would like to see the airport closed.  You can read about their position on their website at  Yet in a 2001 national study of over 3,500 public airports, Reid-Hillview was identified as one of the "100 Most Needed Airports" based upon forecasted growth, utilization, regional significance and other factors.   Please fly respectfully, and help preserve Reid-Hillview airport as the important regional resource that it is. 

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Weather at RHV

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