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Reid-Hillview Tower audio

Listen to the Tower at RHV! 
Click here to listen to the tower! You must have Windows Media Player which can be downloaded for free. If it doesn't work, see troubleshooting tips below. You're listening to 119.8 MHz, the primary tower frequency for the airport.  The frequency is used by airplanes 24-hours a day, though the tower is only in operation from 7AM to 10PM local time.

RHV Controller Jim and Husky aircraft
Photo by Max Trescott

Flight Instruction at RHV
If you're looking for quality flight instruction at Reid-Hillview airport, fly with a Master CFI!  Email us now or call 650-224-7124.

San Jose Flight Training installed a receiver to stream this audio as a public service, and installed a custom built, high gain antenna, so now you can hear most of the planes on the ground as well.  The system will occasionally go down for maintenance, so if it's not available when you try it, come back later. On busy weekends, the tower also uses 126.1 MHz for runway 31L/13R, but you won't hear those transmissions. Also, sometimes we'll switch the feed to stream the ATIS frequency of 125.2 MHz for a minute or two, and occasionally we'll tune in other aviation frequencies of interest.

Troubleshooting Tips
If clicking on the link at top doesn't work, open your Windows Media Player. You can usually find the Windows Media Player by clicking Start, Programs, Accessories, Entertainment, and Windows Media Player.  Click File, Open URL and paste in the following:  

Reid-Hillview Tower Radar and Links
Click here for a picture of RHV's radar display, and other links related to Reid-Hillview airport information.

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