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 Mountain Flying Checkout

Mountain Flying over the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California

When you think of California, you often think of beaches. Yet we have many mountains over 14,000 feet high in the Sierra Nevadas, which makes this an excellent place to learn mountain flying. A small plane makes a trip to Lake Tahoe for skiing or gambling an easy day trip, provided you have good weather.  For example, Heavenly Valley ski resort is a short cab ride away from the South Lake Tahoe airport. 

Flying over Lake Tahoe in a small plane

Mountain Flying Checkout 
Most flying clubs in the San Francisco Bay Area require a checkout with an instructor at a high altitude airport before a renter can take a plane into the mountains.  Our typical checkout starts early in the day with a ground session on mountain flying. Special emphasis is placed on safety, including weather,  route selection, survival equipment and always bringing boots and clothing appropriate for the terrain we're flying over.  A good reference for pre-study is the FAA's P-8740-60 Mountain Flying Pamphlet.

Next we launch for one of the many airports located in the Sierra Nevadas.  Once there, we practice landings and takeoffs before returning to the San Francisco Bay area. 

Returning to the Bay Area, we usually see Mount Diablo from a hundred miles away, and it serves as a beacon guiding us home. 

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