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Max Trescott
Gold Seal Flight Instructor

Airline Transport Pilot license
CFI, CFII, MEI, Instrument, Ground Instructor

I'm a NAFI Master CFI and a Gold Seal Flight Instructor, an FAA designation for flight instructors with high levels of activity and whose students have high pass rates on their checkrides. I also hold a multi-engine Airline Transport Pilot license. I started flying as a teenager, and believe that just about anyone can learn to fly. I have 30 years of flying experience, and can help you learn to fly too. Or, if you’re already licensed and want to try a new challenge, I can help you get an Instrument,  multi-engine, CFI or CFII rating, a Commercial license, or perhaps a checkout for taildraggers, complex/high performance planes or mountain flying.  

I've owned a Cessna T210, and regularly flew volunteer medical teams to Mexico with Los Medicos Voladores or "Flying Doctors."  I've also authored flying articles at and InFlight USA magazine. You can email us now or call 650-224-7124.

Some common questions are what's required to get a pilots license, what will it cost to learn to fly, are small airplanes safe and where can I go when I have my license? 

Other San Jose Flight Instructors
We have a team of instructors we can call upon to meet your needs, whether you're looking for multi-engine training, advance GPS training, training to become a CFI or CFII, or desire instruction from someone who speaks your native language. Let us know your needs, and we'll find the right flight instructor for you!

Outside Silicon Valley
It's easy to find an instructor if you live in a metropolitan area.  Just go to any of the reliever airports (ie. not the large international airport, but a nearby field where corporate jets and other smaller planes fly), look for a "Learn to Fly" sign, and ask questions.  If you're in a rural area, go to any nearby airport and ask where to obtain flight instruction.

Instructor Databases
There are also several databases for finding schools and instructors.
National Association of Flight Instructors
Be a Pilot
- search under flight schools
Aircraft Owner Pilots Association

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        Phone:  650-224-7124
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San Jose Fllight Training Private Pilots License Instrument Commercial in San Francisco Bay Area

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