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Garmin G1000 Training Cessna 172 182





Cessna 182 equipped with Garmin G1000 glass cockpit

Garmin G1000 Training Specialists!
When it comes to Garmin G1000 Training....We Wrote the Book...and the CD-ROM Course!  See details below on Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook and our Max Trescott's Garmin G1000 CD-ROM Course.

Cessna and Columbia factory trained G1000 instructor available to provide transition training into your G1000 equipped aircraft or ours!  Come to us, or we'll fly anywhere in the U.S. to provide you with advanced training in your aircraft. Cessna 172/G1000, Cessna 182/G1000 and Diamond DA-40/G1000 all available for rent now at Palo Alto, California.  

If you're buying a new G1000 equipped aircraft, whether it's a Cessna, Diamond, Mooney or Beechcraft, come train with us before you pick up your airplane.  We can also fly to the factory and train you enroute as we help you ferry your new airplane home.  

GPS Training
Custom training available in your plane or ours. We can tailor the training to meet the needs of new GPS users as well as recurrent training for experienced users. Instructors available for Garmin G1000, Garmin 430 & Garmin 530 training and for King KLN-89x and KLN-94B.  Call to inquire about other types avionics training available.

Initial GPS Training
Training is begun in the classroom training to review GPS theory and operation, GPS rules and regulations, and to practice scenarios using a computer based simulator.

Flight training consists of three phases, with 2 hour lessons.  
Phase 1 - Radio usage, GPS approaches, holds, missed approach procedures, ILS approaches.  One or two lessons.
Phase 2 - Cross-Country flying.  Flight plan entry and manipulation.  Flying non-published holds.
Phase 3
- Advanced operations. Departure procedures, changing IAF after beginning approach.  Second lesson for dual GPS installations, MFD, and weather and traffic interfaces.  

Recurrent GPS Training
Customized depending upon recency of experience and complexity of your installation.  Includes ground review of GPS rules and procedures. Depending upon your needs, the training can focus on instrument flying proficiency and include a instrument proficiency check, or focus on the nuances of advanced features and operation. 

Call to schedule your GPS Training now.
        Phone:  650-224-7124
Or email us now.

Learning to Fly the Garmin G1000
Now, there's finally a comprehensive guide to the popular Garmin G1000 glass cockpit: Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook. Written by a Master CFI, this book makes it easy for you to quickly become an expert on operating and programming the G1000 system in any aircraft. 





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Learn more about Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook


San Jose Fllight Training Private Pilots License Instrument Commercial in San Francisco Bay Area

Online Training for the Garmin G1000! Take VFR and IFR G1000 courses now over the internet on your computer. Only $59 per course! Learn more or take the course now.

Garmin G1000 Book Training Simulator software

Or, for only $34.95, order Max Trescott's G1000 Glass Cockpit Handbook 






































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