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Certified Flight Instructor Books 

The CFI Rating is unlike any other.  The focus in more on your ability to teach more than it is on your ability to fly.  Knowledge on a broad range of aviation topics is required.   This is the same set I used to get my CFI, and I  highly recommended that you get all of these books.

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Use the books above to prepare for the CFI and FOI Written Exams
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The books above provide the knowledge a CFI candidate should have going into the FAA checkride.  We recommend you read all of these books at least once, and study and review them frequently prior to the checkride. In addition to reading these books, you'll need experience creating lesson plans, teaching theory on the ground, and teaching maneuvers on the ground and in the air.
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Not only do you need the CFI PTS, so you'll know what you'll be tested on for your CFI checkride, but you also need the Private and Commercial PTS's, since you will be expected to know the requirements and standards for these licenses.  The CFI Oral Exam Guide is useful, but you will need to know far more than what is in this book to be successful in your oral exam.
Certified Flight Instructor Instrument Books
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Use the books above to prepare for the CFII Written Exam.  If you take the CFII as your initial CFI checkride, you'll also need to take the FOI written exam.
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Use the Oral Exam Guide and PTS's above to prepare for the CFII checkride.
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